Charlotte Li

At first, my goal was to climb the ranks of the music industry. I wanted so badly to be an Art Director at a major record label. It took 4 years and 2 label internships to realize that it wasn't just the music industry I was passionate about—it was the creative role.

I've always been excited about good design and how it applies in real life. Currently, I'm developing brands at Clarke as a strategist. In my free time, I study typography & design principles and try to use my camera as much as I can. (Music plus design is still my soft spot, though. My favorite art director is Samuel Burgess-Johnson and I have a second instagram dedicated to album covers.)

I'm especially fond of illustration, moody portrait photography, and the art of the music video.

Down to freelance or walk your dog.

licharlottef@gmail.com / (443) 610-0049